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Snapshots in Time

“Snapshots in Time” – House of Winckel, Dendermonde, Belgium, 2015

The ' outdoors man ‘ Beckers was also as an artist under the spell of ancient crafts such as casting bronze and glass blowing. He worked for five years in a bronze foundry in Barcelona.

Beckers' sensitivity for organic material also appears in his "indoor work", as can be seen in the exhibition Snapshots in time at House of Winckel. With The independent he shows a fifteen-meter-long tree, an ash with a beautiful bark, which was doomed. Beckers has interconnected the tree with metal links. It seems to be a tree in motion: evolution is recorded in a snapshot.

The tree of liberty is a cross section of a 140-year-old oak tree, a true survivor of the First World War. The work shows in an intrinsic way this era of destruction, depicted in bronze.

Timelines, (drawings) is a reflection on the passing of time and the metamorphosis of the Natural world.

Text By: Geert Van der Speeten

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