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New installation “Les gouttes d'Ursel”

Updated: May 23, 2021

Will Beckers has created “Les gouttes d'Ursel” - his latest installation along the tree avenue in the park of the Castle in Hingene, Belgium.

Tiny houses for Nature Linear sculptural shapes based on basic elementary structures of Nature, float like tears suspended from the 'Platanus hispanica'. Surrounded by the wonderful Natural Heritage of the castle, the breeding nests, embody the spirit of the space. Like melancholic fragments reflected in the water.

Read the interview with Will Beckers (in Dutch) interview met Will Beckers from the magazine of "Kasteel d’Ursel”. The opening of “Les gouttes d’Ursel” took place in the presence of the Province’s Deputy for Tourism and Recreation, Jan De Haes, on Friday 21 May.

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