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Winged Silence

Winged silence – “Bevlindert”- Lommel, Belgium, 2018 ​ In between rebirth and the decaying process, the sculpture shows different metamorphosis. ​ I wanted to portray the metamorphosis so conceptually that the tension would be felt in the “Gesamtkunstwerk” between two separate principles of design. While at the same time creating a dialogue in the composition, with the cocoon as an element of mass (space occupying form), as opposed to the final life phase of the butterfly with its element of space (space-defining form). ​ The uneven rhythmic shape of the cocoon was welded with thousands of Corten steel plates in my studio. It is precisely this slight anomaly in the repetition of the shape that characterizes the element of mass. ​ The two wings of "Winged Silence" were specifically outsourced to CSM Steel structures, in collaboration with the extensive technical studies that were necessary to realize the construction of the wings. The glass enamel panels were realized using 3D technology. The total sculpture is 9 meters long and 5 meters high with a weight of 4800 kg. ​ Client: Art Foundation Charlotte van der Seijs and the City Council of Lommel Curator: Louis Vanvelthoven. Advisory body: Art Commission Lommel Communications: Greet Poets, City Council Lommel In co-operation with: CSM Steel structures BL laser cutting Head technical service Lommel: Niek Janssen Green technical service Lommel Technical Architect: J. Das, Mint Arch. Engineering office: D. Schillebeekx, Tecobe, Bree Engineering and analysis: PT- Structural Rotterdam Photography: Monique Abrahams
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