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Tree of Silence

Tree of Silence, Diepenbeek, Belgium, 2017 ​ A dialogue of two installations can be seen as one entity and is located in the forests surrounding Sint-Gerardus - a care and educational institution for children with physical and mental disabilities. ​ The site specific artwork has been commissioned as a monument to commemorate the deceased children and staff of Sint-Gerardus which in 2018 celebrated 60 years of existence. In the first installation, within the metal framework, a conceptual structure grows, a tree that is divided into many different elements. Each element, consists of a variety of tree trunks. Showing the different entities of man in Nature. The second installation is a living tree which will in time engulf the specially designed metal circle through which it is growing. ​ Client: Sint-Gerardus Institute, Diepenbeek, Belgium Advisory body: Jaak Kerckhofs, Institute Sint Gerardus Engineering office: D. Schillebeekx, Tecobe Bree In co-operation with: Dirk Willems, Technical project service Photography: Mieke Vanhove
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