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Time Traveller

Time Traveller, Jesseren, Borgloon, Belgium 2021 This sculpture pays homage to a geological phenomenon in Jesseren - limestone sediment. ​ Among the fruit trails of Borgloon on the shore of the Odillia river lays “Time Traveller”. The water from the river literally runs through the sculpture. "Because there is a lot of limestone in the water, a nice layer of limestone will be deposited on the sculpture," says Beckers. "In a few years that will look amazing." Will Beckers was commissioned by VLM and the municipality of Borgloon to create a sculpture which would highlight the high presence of limestone in the area. In doing so he integrated the sculpture into the landscape and literally lets the water from the stream run through “Time Traveller”. In the course of time, Nature will leave its mark on the sculpture and cover it with a thick layer of limestone. The art work will develop and change over the years. The sculpture is in the shape of a metal shell and rises up from the ground. An opening in the centre allows the water to flow through it into a new man-made pool. ​ Client: VLM (Flemish Land Agency) Curators: Ive Schepers, Hilde Stulens Excavation work: Tom Heylen Grondwerken Geel and Geert Maes Lommel Photography: Roland Dreesen
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