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Time Capsule

Time Capsule, Jesseren, Borgloon, Belgium 2021 The first modern monument in Limburg specifically designed for and dedicated to a regional geological phenomenon. ​ The Art work "Time Capsule" is located on the so-called Schelpenakker, near the monastery of Coolen in Jesseren, Borgloon. Will Beckers was commissioned by VLM and the municipality of Borgloon to create a monument that paid homage to the role and importance of the thousands of small shells that appear on the site and are found in the shallow subsurface. These shells, over 30 million years old form a thin layer of orange dust and clay. It is thanks to this clay water that, in addition to mistletoe in the trees, there are so many specific plants in the area. The sculpture is in the form of a huge shell it is almost 4 meters high. The work appeals to not only the senses of sight and touch, but also the sense of hearing; there is a specially designed peephole where you can see a wall of shells and an ear made out of metal through which you can listen to the sound of the wind - like listening to a seashell. Client: VLM (Flemish Land Agency) Curators: Ive Schepers, Hilde Stulens Excavation work: Tom Heylen Grondwerken Geel and Geert Maes Lommel Photography: Roland Dreesen
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