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Through the Soul

Through the soul, ”Attraversare l’anima”, Arte Sella, Italy, 2015 ​ Crossing over is like a footprint, a trace, one of my recurring design styles. ​ The footprint that a designer creates when his pen touches the paper was effectively the starting point for this installation. You virtually make a drawing in the landscape. The line repetition comes back rhythmically in the Artwork as if they were brush strokes. The transition from the organic drawing in the landscape, to the moment of personal confrontation when you enter and interact with the installation, creates a field of tension. ​ Arte Sella is an international outdoor exhibition of contemporary art set up in 1986 in the fields and woods of the Sella Valley (Val di Sella, municipality of Borgo Valsugana, province of Trento, Italy ​ Client: Arte Sella Curator: Emanuele Montibeller, Giacomo Bianchi In co-operation with: Team project service Arte Sella Forest Management Trentino Photography: Giacomo Bianchi - President of Arte Sella
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