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The World Within

The World Within, Kloostervelden, Sterksel, Holland 2018 ​ A work of art with an ambitious idea: that Nature is the true treatment room. ​ This was the starting point for the installation that I made for the Epilepsy Center Kempenhaeghe. Known worldwide for its research and treatment center for epileptic patients. The whole concept of the project was created by researching brain activity during an epileptic seizure. Measurements and scans of MRI and EEG activity, eventually became the design for the Landmark created in the landscape. The visitor experiences a number of rhythmic movements in the landscape on the domain. This meandering form is a huge magnification of a sine wave in the brain during an attack. In this way scientific research, forms the starting point for this Land Art landmark. When we follow the movement in the landscape we come across a sculpture, similar to a small part of a brain lobe. This sculpture, made up of thousands of CorTen steel plates, is large enough to house up to five people with seats. Upon entering, the visitor experiences a huge contrast with the outside. A tornado of lines flowing in a rhythmic movement around the visitor. This rhythm reflects the continuous movement of our thoughts. The enclosed sculpture offers the possibility of contemplation and reflection. Client: Dutch epilepsy centre Kempenhaeghe Curators: Hilke Huysinga and Wout Hoogendijk Funding: Province Brabant, Mondriaanfonds, Centrum Kempenhaeghe Landscape designers: Planologie en Ecologie, Buro Van Nierop Landscape architects: Verhoeven - De Ruijter Engineering office: Dirk Schillebeeks, Tecobe Engineering architect: J Das, Mint architecten Photography: Folkert Huysinga and Wout Hoogendijk
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