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The Observer

The Observer, Aalst, Belgium 2016 ​ The Landart work encourages the visitor to observe the essential values of the area. Even though the conceptual idea is that the visitor is being observed by Nature. ​ The 15-hectare area was completely restructured from the idea of a residential expansion project to a natural gateway belonging to the city forest. It became a project to be experienced in which the focus was on searching for water, insects, amphibians, birds, plants and flowers. ​ The design of the thirty-meter-long sculpture embraces, as it were, the large amphibian pool. The natural ridge that serves as the stage for the artwork gives it a rhythmic character due to the sloping effect and difference in height. ​ Hundreds of young trees were planted, which will in time grow within the organic sculpture. ​ Client: City Council Aalst, Belgium Curator: Noel De Wolf In co-operation with: RLSD, Regionaal Landschap Schelde - Durme, Ann Sells Technical support: Bart Backaert Photography: Ann Sels
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