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Swinging outside the Lines

Swinging outside the Lines, Genk Belgium 2020 ​ The artwork has a multi layered conceptual meaning. It is an interactive installation that allows the visitor to communicate with the artwork. By literally `swinging outside the lines`, we create an accompanying visual interplay of lines, which influences the pattern and design of the work. ​ The shape of the swing construction was inspired by the trace that the European spruce bark beetle leaves on the bark of trees. This beetle leaves calligraphic traces during its devastating food trail and has recently become much more devastating in the European forests. Due to climate change trees receive less water and thus less nutrients, which makes them weaker. This gives tiny insects more power and strength to knock over huge mastodons. This is our cue to reflect on our relationship with the planet. ​ “In this work I want to portray a sort of awareness, to better deal with nature and our so-called "footprint". I have therefore enlarged this devastating food trail which is clearly visible when one swings between and outside the lines.” ​ While you swing, you can listen to international stories about citizens from Genk who have pushed boundaries. Genk has always had a high immigration rate and is a lively culturally mixed city. These stories give us a window into their worlds and experiences on integration into Genk. Swinging is a basic human instinct, which mesmerizes both young and old. Because a swing leads to social contact. And swinging sets you free. ​ “Swinging outside the Lines,” creates communication through interaction and by listening we lay the foundation for a better understanding. ​ Interview with Will Beckers at opening of “Swinging outside the Lines” 03/06/20 - featured on Radio GRK / Radio MFY ​ Client: City council Genk, Belgium Curator: Sabine Neyens, Tourism and Events Genk City council In co operation with: Technical support team: Peter Fabry, Genk City council Engineering office: Jimmy Van Thillo project manager and Team CSM Steel Structures Study adviser: D. Vanlommel Inspector - Expert Playground Equipment: TÜV SÜD Benelux vzw Photography: Paul Reinquin, be_wondered_by_light
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