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Sentinel, Lebbeke, Belgium, 2021 Creating a void as a transition “Sentinel” - The guardian. ​ The art installation “Sentinel”, reflects a solitary witness, a guardian to the cultural and natural heritage of Lebbeke in Belgium at the historic site "Hof Ten Dijcke". The bio-sculpture is formed from different plant varieties creating a form of biodiversity. The artwork has a 'clairière', which serves as an inner portal, reaching out for symbiosis and understanding. The visitor can take a seat and feel protected by Nature. In cooperation with the council of Lebbeke, Regionaal landschap Schelde Durme and Natuurpunt, "Sentinel" was officially opened by the Mayor of Lebbeke, Raf de Wolf and the deputy for East Flanders, Riet Gillis. Client: Lebbeke City Council Advisory body: Regionaal landschap Schelde Durme and Natuurpunt Curator: Nathalie Willems In co-operation with: Lebbeke, Regionaal landschap Schelde Durme and Natuurpunt. Photography: Ann Sels
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