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Salicetum, Beeldenstroom, Wichelen, Belgium 2012 ​ This permanent Land Art project will show a dramatic metamorphose on the landscape of the nature reserve, while maintaining a deep respect for the environment. ​ In 2012 the Biennale of ‘Beeldenstroom’ was concentrating on sculptures made purely from natural materials and in particular from trees. The Verbeke Foundation curated the project over a total area of 8 km long Art in Nature route. ​ In this monumental bio-sculpture I used old willow trees indigenous to the area. Together with the Verbeke Art Foundation we rescued these seventy years old timbers from destruction. They were to be eliminated due to the remapping of the flood banks next to the river Scheldt. The replant alone was a huge operation. ​ The concept of the artwork is basically the most intrinsic way of using the Cradle 2 Cradle philosophy. We interconnect and confront the trees with their own materials. New living materials are used to maintain the artwork, in this way the circle of C2C is complete. ​ The living sustainable sculpture ‘Salicetum’, is built on the land, kindly provided by the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forest (ANB), from the Flemish government. ​ Client: Councils Wetteren, Wichelen, Laarne and Berlare Advisory body: Dominiek Decleyre, Flemish Agency for Nature and Forest Curator: Geert Verbeke, Verbeke Art Foundation Kemzeke BE In co-operation with: Team project service Natuurpunt Wetteren Photography: Vilda Photos and Dominiek Decleyre
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