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Room with a view

Room with a View, Sombeke, Belgium 2022 Finding a symbiosis between Art, Nature and the landscape, the art work reflects our inner self. A natural "harbor" where young people who are possibly going through a difficult time can withdraw to regain some inner peace. Vzw Lia, provides assistance to children, young people and young adults. The use of this natural chamber "Room with a view" can be interpreted on several levels. This natural space not only offers a space to be at peace, it gives us a specific view of nature and invites us as a visitor to interact with the art work on another level. But it also creates a mirror image giving us a view of our inner self. "Room with a view" stands as a solitary figure, like a cocoon, in the open space. This semi-open and closed egg shaped form conceptually reflects the cocooned feeling we have when entering a nest. A sense of security that we all have deeply imprinted in our minds. Client: vzw Lia, Sombeke Curator: Dhr. Wieter van Parijs Engineering office: D. Schillebeekx, Tecobe Bree
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