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Origin of Species

Origin of Species, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2016 ​ As soon as Nature creates any evolutionary process it is already working on a metamorphose towards another entity. ​ The artwork “Origin of Species” shows in its intrinsic way the evolutionary theory of Darwin. This conceptual tree walking on water creates a dialogue between itself and the visitor, through the consciousness of the differences between organisms. ​ The natural installation is part of the Gothenburg Green World Expo in Sweden and was built in the pond of the Botanical Garden. In the work I search for a connection between the plant world and the animal-human world. The “Walking Tree” could be seen as a missing link between the two stages, going back in ancient times when Nature emerged from the water and started to walk on the Earth. ​ Client: Green World Expo, Gothenburg Curator: Emanuele Montibeller, Arte Sella, Italie Advisory body: Gothenburg Botanical Garden In co-operation with: Green project service GBG Photography: Anders Stålhand
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