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Natura Naturans

Natura - Naturans, Botanical Garden Meise, Brussels, Belgium 2015 ​ Philosopher Spinoza: "What is born, is reborn." ​ The art work is inspired by "Natura Naturans" which comes from the Jewish philosopher Spinoza (17th century). He saw Nature as its own process: constantly being reborn, a mystery of self-generation. ​ The three structures all converge among the trees and emerge from the landscape. At the heart of the installation, three distinct “research areas” are revealed. A cabinet of curiosities, where the evolution and diversity of nature plays the leading role. ​ Client: Botanical Garden Meise, ( Agentschap Plantentuin Meise ) Brussels, Belgium Advisory body: Scientific research, Koen Es In co-operation with: Technical project service Meise
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