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Mysteries of Helperzoom

Mysteries of Helperzoom, Groningen Holland 2019 ​ My works are often growing organisms in which I confront nature with its own materials. Using vivid sculptures in direct contact with nature, my artworks form a dialogue with the landscape. ​ “Mysteries of Helperzoom” zooms in on the local nature and makes it visible, in larger than life proportions, for cyclists, residents and other passers-by crossing through the Ecological zone. ​ The dialogue of the bio-sculptures is the result of research into structures from the area along the Groningen Europa park station. “Taking inspiration from a plant and an animal which can be found in the area, and enlarging these sculptures to enormous proportions, so that the passer by cannot help but be confronted by them”. ​ The sculptures themselves also add ecology and biomimicry to the area. Both sculptures were specifically designed for this location. The work connects Corten steel and a natural artwork made of hazel branches into a living, growing sculpture that will look different depending on the season and the weather. ​ Client: Art committee, City council Groningen Holland Advisory body: Central office of Art, CBK, Groningen Curators: Petra te Morsche and Jan Samson In co operation with: Technical support team, Jan Pestoor, Groningen Urban ecologist: Klaas van Nierop Study adviser: D. Vanlommel, Engineering office: D. Schillebeeckx, Tecobe
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