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Memory, Bree, Belgium, 2016 ​ “The concepts of transience, new life forms, and the continuous cycle of life are present in this installation”. ​ Conceptually the work in the cemetery in Bree, can be seen as a natural place of silence, a place to meditate and have a moment of reflection to remember one's dearly departed. Here the visitor can be quiet, even sit and daydream awhile, and get lost in his or her own thoughts. ​ The design of the sculpture is an embrace, meandering out of the landscape. Flowing in movement, as if the style was derived from The Art Nouveau. ​ Client: City council Bree, Belgium Advisory body: Nelly Gabriels, project leader Technical service Engineering office: D. Schillebeekx, Tecobe Bree In co-operation with: Green project service Bree
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