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In the Eye - Forest Theatre

In the Eye, Forest theater, Hechtel Eksel, Belgium 2015 ​ WB: “The underlying goal of the installation is to unite Nature and Man through Culture.” ​ As an artist, I always imagine what it would be like, if my works on location were integrated in time. Time is an extra dimension that is often forgotten as a sculptor. However, it is precisely this dimension that allows you to let a sculpture evolve in symbiosis with its environment. ​ The process of finding the right location for this project ultimately determined the design of the work. Searching for a clearing, an open space in the forest, without having to uselessly cut down the surrounding trees, resulted in this spermatozoid form. From the pathway to the sculpture, a natural cocoon emerges, the shape is based on the morphology of an eye. ​ The design of the forest theater has an important focal point. It is the point where all lines come together. Strangely enough, in this case it is a space, an abyss. This empty space forms the centre point of the sculpture and creates a platform where Culture, Nature and the performing Arts meet. ​ Client: City Council Hechtel-Eksel Belgium Advisory body: Cultural department Council Hechtel-Eksel Engineering office: D. Schillebeekx, Tecobe Bree In co-operation with: Green project service Hechtel-Eksel Photography: Joss de Groot photography and Hout in ’t Oog
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