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In Corpus Natura

In Corpus Natura, Gent, Belgium 2014-2016 ​ A floating installation: In Corpus Natura was born, like the hanging gardens of Babylon. ​ During this three year project I regularly worked, lived in and explored my natural cradle to cradle installation. After the Willowman project, this was again a wake-up call for me. This work brought me back to the question of how we currently deal with our natural resources. I am fascinated to create breeding places where Nature, Art and Culture merge into one. ​ I was looking for a continuity in construction, but especially a unity in appearance. The archaeologically rich location at the STAM Museum in Gent, made it impossible for me to anchor any foundation or construction in the ground, not even a tree could be planted. This led to the birth of “The floating concept” which became an intrinsic part of the character of the installation. ​ I brought a visual unity into the multitude of different forms by linking them as if they were atomic or cellular structures. These atomic structures in the form of hanging boulders, were all connected together, so I could walk from one cell to the other connected cell in the air. My sleeping room, my small workplace, a hanging toilet and others, were all suspended in the air. ​ Client: Flemish Ministry of Environment, Nature and Culture Belgium, City Council Gent Advisory body: Royal Society for Agriculture and Botany, CEO Jan Oprins Structural Engineering office: D. Schillebeekx, Tecobe Bree In co-operation with: Technical project assistance City Gent Photography: Lemmert Photography
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