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I wish for Nature

I wish for Nature, Floriade Expo 2022, Almere, Holland 2022 In the 2012 Floriade “The Willowman project” was born and was an enormous success. Ten years later at the Floriade Expo 2022, Will Beckers creates a throw-back to the project which created a unique living environment and philosophy of life. Creating awareness for the younger generation about the interdependence of Nature with our own lives and finding a balance between the two is at the core of this project, as well as the importance of sustainability. In the theatre show “Save the World” by the Bonte Hond in the forest theater “Into the Woods” the importance of creating awareness about our environmental issues is specifically aimed at the younger generation. Children are encouraged to think about sustainability and eco-friendliness. The message is strong and clear - Save the world by means of your deeds. The project takes it a step further with the simple and basic principle of shouting your inner wish for Nature out into the world through the “Horn of Wishes”. Their wish is then written down and hung up in the “I wish for Nature” project. It is added to the thousands of wishes which were collected during “The Willowman” project in the Floriade 2012. Wishes from ten years ago are displayed alongside wishes from 2022. As you walk through the tunnels you can also hear the children’s wishes. The central piece in this project is an monumental 7 meter-high solitary steel man, symbolising the ultimate symbiosis between man and nature. The project challenges us to become aware of our actions with regard to the environment and explores our relationship with Nature. The children who wrote a wish for nature during Floriade 2012 are now young people drawing the attention of world leaders to environmental problems. The circle of awareness is complete and will be passed onto future generations. Client: Floriade Expo 2022 Curator: Sandra van Beers, Art and Cultural director and Curator Ward Janssen Engineering office: CSM Steel construction, BC Design
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