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House of Nature

House of Nature – National Park Bosland, Lommel, Belgium, 2024 'House of Nature' was created as a gateway to Bosland National Park. The inspiration for the Landmark comes from a land dune, a natural habitat found in Bosland. The land dunes are the direct result of the use and overexploitation of the poor sand system by our ancestors. Will Beckers uses this inspiration to show us that human activity, the environment and Nature can be intimately intertwined. The artwork symbolizes this interdependence and the permanent evolution and development that goes with it. The focal point of the artwork is a spatial human figure. Will has placed us in a central position, symbolically reflecting Nature as our house. It helps define who we are and at the same time it is increasingly at our mercy. The work of Art symbolizes the continuity of this mutual interdependence. Will alludes to the metamorphose that takes place in this relationship and the alternating outcome of this for Nature, but ultimately also for ourselves. The Artwork is as much a gateway as it is a Landmark. House of Nature’s unique design and stature embraces the integration between Nature, Landscape Architecture, local wildlife and Art, bringing a much-needed Landmark to the National Park Bosland and leaving a sustainable and innovative Land Art sculpture for the local population and visiting tourists. Client: Lommel City Council, funded by Tourism Flanders Curator : Sophie Loots Structural Engineer: CSM Steel Constructions, Belgium Rendering company and Technical drawing: BC Design, Belgium Photography: Foto Ben, Stories By Light, Manu Bloemen
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