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Gateway to the Future

Gateway to the Future, Landen, Belgium, 2011 ​ Commemoration as a canvas for the community. ​ Seen from the air, the 100m long sculpture is a succession of tunnels and roofs. A roof-type shape has long been used to clearly and expressively mark a territory in the landscape. They are almost always structured and usually have a high “Gestalt” value. ​ The roof is also optically a traditional form of cover. This way of creating space has been around for many years, the roof of the chapel of Le Corbusier is the best example for me. But even a tree with its canopy, forms an organic canvas. ​ I was commissioned by the city of Landen to create this Gateway to the future for the inhabitants of the city as a commemoration of the city’s 800 year existence. ​ Client: City Council Landen Advisory body: Sacred Places, Ben De Keyser In co-operation with: Technical service Landen Photography: Lemmert Photography
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