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Footsteps of van Gogh

Footsteps of van Gogh - 125 Years van Gogh, Zundert, Holland 2015 ​ When Theo, his brother visited him in the hospital during this time, he lay his head on the pillow next to his brother and Vincent whispered: ....”Just like in Zundert.” ​ Vincent van Gogh: “During my illness I saw every room in the house again in Zundert, every path, every plant, tree in the garden, the immediate vicinity, the fields, the neighbours, the cemetery, the church, our vegetable garden at the back and even the magpie nest high up in the acacia in the cemetery.” Beckers, “I am deeply touched by the simplicity and love he shows for the relationship between Man and Nature. His short brush strokes and his way of capturing the energy of life in wavy impressionistic movements form a lasting source of inspiration for my work". ​ My inspiration for the work, “Footsteps of van Gogh” (in Zundert, his birthplace) comes partly from reading his letters. I used the Pinus variety that was very common in the "Borinage" in France, where he also lived and painted. This tree which was used for the mining industry in France and Holland became the medium for this installation. ​ Client: Museum, Vincent Van Gogh House, Zundert Advisory body: BKKC, Brabant Art and Culture Commission, Nature Monuments, Holland Landkunst: Commemorating 125 years since the painter’s death Structural engineering office: D. Schillebeekx, Tecobe In co-operation with: Green project service Zundert Photography: Marja van Hassel
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