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Echo, Arte Sella, Italy 2014 ​ The title of the work “Echo” refers to the continuous return of the call as a reflection of the way Nature has to cope with our ever increasing destruction of the planet and Nature’s constant rebuilding of it. ​ The living sculpture finds its harmony in the use of one material “Nocciolo” showing bio-diversity in one plant species and acts as a gateway to the “Arte Natura” route on the Contemporary Mountain- Arte Sella. ​ My living installations show in their metamorphose the evolutionary processes of birth, decay and re-birth. ​ Arte Sella is an international outdoor exhibition of contemporary Art set up in 1986 in the fields and woods of the Sella Valley (Val di Sella, municipality of Borgo Valsugana, province of Trento, Italy). ​ Client: Arte Sella Curator: Emanuele Montibeller, Giacomo Bianchi In co operation with: Team project service Arte Sella Forest management Trentino Photography: Giacomo Bianchi - President of Arte Sella
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