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DNA, Beringen, Belgium 2017 “Migration is timeless, the universal DNA of our Nature” ​ People and trees are not that different. Migration and travel is in our blood. However trees travelled around the world before man existed. Deeply hidden in our natural DNA, it is one of the basic principles for survival. Nature has been migrating on our Earth for millions of years. Global metamorphosis ensures that what happens on a large scale also has implications on a nano scale. The artwork DNA intrinsically depicts the continuous relocation of nature. A walking tree, built from thousands of CorTen steel plates is literally overgrown with a new organic skin. By contrasting the transience and the new life with each other, I create a specific dialogue, a symbiosis between man as an entity within nature. Client: City Council Beringen BE Curator: Paulien Parren Landscape architect: Patrick Everaerts Engineering office: Dirk Schillebeeks, Tecobe In co-operation with: Fire brigade Beringen Photography: Patrick Everaerts
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