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Daydreamer – “Sonhador”, Cascais, Portugal, 2019 ​ The natural installation “Daydreamer” is located on one of the hills in the picturesque Cascais – Sintra. The route where the artwork is located was specifically developed for the blind and visually impaired people. ​ The artwork is an open structure consisting of a multitude of different textures and forms. Tangible soft materials such as the bark of the acacia, and the contrast in openness and density of the sculpture, give the installation an added dimension when the sun can shine through. Feeling and experiencing the shadow of the sculpture is a very conscious sensation for blind people. The visitor encounters the artwork at the mountain top location, a possible resting place where the surrounding scents are constantly present. ​ Nature is a large laboratory of scents and smells, which people are able to absorb especially after intense exercise when they are at rest. I am not talking about artificial scents, but actual pure smells. Such as the sap of a leaf, the blossom of the season, the scent of the acacia mixed with the eucalyptus. This is the indisputable contact with the environment. It reminds you of childhood memories – a true symbiosis. ​ The soft textures of the acacia trees used, provide a therapeutic resting place. While hanging or sitting against the installation, we can continue to explore the sky with its cloud formations in the open heart of the sculpture. Client: Cascais County Council Curator : Sofia Barros In co-operation with: Forest team Cascais Technical support: Cascais County Council Photography: Ruth Ferrony
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