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Corpus, Kattevennen, Genk, Belgium, 2017 ​ Nature as an entity enables us as cosmopolitan beings, to come into contact with each other in a very creative way. ​ Nature produces the most beautiful forms that are not touched by the hand. As a designer you have to be free of predetermined concepts. "Corpus" was born as a result of a void as a sculpture in a Clair-obscure environment. ​ There is a certain degree of geometry in the composition of the Artwork. The repetition of organic structures form an almost monolithic sculpture. The central part: éclairage, forms an element of space. The clear enclosure of the sculpture contrasts with the open air. ​ I see organic design as a growing organism. Young trees are interwoven in and around “Corpus” that grow on and through the work. That also makes it an Artwork to be experienced: visitors cannot only picnic in peace and quiet, they are also at harmony with Nature. ​ Client: Art committee, City council Genk Belgium Advisory body: Central Tourism Genk Curator: Sabine Neyens In co-operation with: Team Technical support Genk, Peter Fabry Engineering office: Tecobe Bree Technical architect: J. Das, Mint Arch. Geotechnical office: Advison, Hoeilaart Photography: Stories by Light
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