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Bite in the Sand

Bite in the Sand, Bosland, Lommel, Belgium, 2011 ​ I often ask myself, how would the space where my artworks appear, accept my interference. ​ Living underground, an extremely rare spider makes wonderful web constructions. This rare species, the Spring fire spider, (Lentevuurspin) living in the area, makes wonderful membranes floating in the air. Using this as my inspiration, I created a sixty meter long landscape suspended between the trees. I studied the biomimicry of this Arachnida, and this helped me to understand the technical challenges of elevating my work in the open space. Client: City Council Lommel and the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forest Advisory body: Agency Tourism Lommel and Bosland -Dries Gorissen and Art Committee Lommel Engineering office: D. Schillebeekx, Tecobe In co-operation with: Environmental office City Council - Ivan Bynens and Technical service Lommel Photography: Lemmert Photography
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