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Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses, Wichelen, Belgium 2022 The council of Wichelen commissioned the development of a space of silence, reflection and serenity to commemorate those lost during the Corona pandemic. “Bed of Roses” carries the last thoughts and unspoken words that could not be shared with loved ones. The work talks about our human vulnerability and intimacy embraced by an emotional moment during the inauguration. The stylized solitary sculpture mirrors 'an open leaf' and seems to partly float above the edge of the pool. This reflects a spiritual “letting go”, as if we give the soul of the deceased back to Nature. « Moments of tranquility and reflection allow us to create a connection, whereby our sensitive inner self comes into symbiosis with the surrounding environment. This conceptual approach is the defining feature of sculpture. » Will Beckers The inhabitants of Wichelen warmly welcomed the creation of a memorable artwork integrated into the landscape. Together with the technical team and cultural department of Wichelen a simple meadow was transformed into a mesmerising landscape. During the inauguration bio degradable cards containing seeds were hung all around the sculpture. Each person could write their personal message to their departed loved one. Client: Wichelen City Council Curator: Emma Dobbelaere Engineering office: BC Design Technical team: Council of Wichelen Photography: Sofie Bastiens
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