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Becoming, Slagmolen Restaurant, Oudsbergen, Belgium 2022 Connecting different Art forms on a brand-new level.Restaurant Slagmolen 2.0 is now a reality. With two Michelin stars already the family Meewis and their Slagmolen team aim for a unique culinary experience on an even higher level. Will Beckers’ new art work “Becoming” is a dual installation based on conceptual evolutionary forms occurring during the process of metamorphosis. In the words of Giel Meewis: “The art installation “Becoming” travels like an airship through time on a journey filled with passionate culinary experiences. Peace, luxury and pleasure surrounded by our beautiful Limburg landscape will guide you.“ One work is organic the other made of steel yet they are in symbiosis in form and rhythm. The two sculptures are in communication with each other. The conceptual approach of the art installation connects our perception with the landscape and the environment. As a result of this commissioned work for the 2 Michelin star restaurant, a special menu was created called – “Becoming”. It is a true feast for all the senses. The art work was commissioned to coincide with the renovation of the restaurant. The new architectural character of the restaurant is very modern, where rhythm and repetition play their role – a very powerful concept. Client: Slagmolen Restaurant, Bert, Karlijn en Giel Meewis. Engineering office: BC Design
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