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Nature's Memory

Nature’s Memory, Gunnebo Castle, Gothenburg, Sweden 2016 ​ The idea that nature remembers something is wrong, it is constantly evolving. The moment of birth as a universal organism is already a moment of letting go, because evolution already adapts to the new circumstance. - “ For Nature, everything is a memory”. ​ The natural installation was part of the Gothenburg Green World Exhibition and was built in the landscape near the beautiful Gunnebo castle. All the materials were locally sourced on the domain. ​ The shape of the sculpture shows a density and contrast in its open and closed character. Growing from a circular structure, the sculpture wraps itself around the old oak tree. This approach brings an acceptable symbiosis. The movement of the lines of the sculpture creates a collective connection between the landscape and the object. ​ Client: Green World Expo, Gothenburg Curator: Emanuele Montibeller, Arte Sella, Italy Advisory body: Gunnebo Castle directory. In co-operation with: Green project service Gunnebo
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