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L’Origine, Annecy France 2020 The artwork L’Origine, echoes the current relationship between man and our natural world. The outer core of the installation represents our modern world in hard contrast to the inner living specimen which echoes the sound of Mother nature’s beating heart. From the telescopic side of the Artwork the visitor looks inside and contemplates an inner source of our vulnerable world. The heart-beat of the Earth is embodied in the Art installation, through light and sound. The visitor experiences the contrast between this core and the outer shell, through four senses, sight, sound, touch and smell. What we see when we look inside is in total contrast to the exterior Corten Steel of the sculpture. The interior of l’Origine represents a whirlwind of nature, natural materials depicting the core of our Natural world, in perpetual motion. “This edition will be unique and epic because it is deeply necessary for this summer of 2020. Annecy Landart route is another expression of a relationship with culture and art in the urban space, an expression that requires taking your time, an expression which re-examines the role of the individual in Nature but also his place in the community and the question of his status: are we consumer or actor in this culture? Annecy Landart route also poses a series of questions in the form of sensitive essays on the role of Nature and art in urban development. ” - Salvador Garcia Director of Bonlieu National Stage Annecy, Artistic Director of Annecy Landscapes. ​​ Client: Annecy Paysages, France Curator: Salvador Garcia, Annecy Paysages, France Art Co-ordinator: Carine Altermatt In co operation with: City council Annecy and Bonlieu Scene National Annecy Light engineering: Snoekx, Lommel Sound engineering: SELV -Sound Photography: Gilles Hascoet, Monique Abrahams, Stories by light
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