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Voyager, Aard, Wichelen, Belgium 2016​ ​ WB: "Voyager, is a silent tribute to the ancient innate habit of man’s desire to travel." ​ The organic 'Heart' reflects the centre of the departing man. The branches of the heart form botanical / animalistic shackles which symbolically direct the travellers on their way to their destination. ​ The location at the centre of the square is a gateway to the Kalkense Lakes, and a crossroad for people who travel across the river Scheldt. This variety of travellers symbolizes the diversity of nature depicting man as the central point. ​ Client: Councils, Wichelen, Wetteren, Berlare and Laarne, Flemish Sigma plan Advisory body: Flemish Agency Nature and Forest Ministry Curator: Dominiek Decleyre Structural engineering office: D. Schillebeekx, Tecobe In co-operation with: Technical project assistance City Wetteren
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