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Spot on National TV - VRT - Belgium

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Watch Will Beckers' interview on National Belgian TV on the programme from VRT -

"Vive la Vie" - 15/07/20.

Will Beckers as an Art in Nature artist takes us to some of his installations in "Bosland" - "The land of the Forest" - the largest forest in Flanders, spanning over four council areas. The Flemish Forest and Nature Agency manages this enormous forest.

Will feels at home in Nature, his works can be found in special, hidden locations, leading the visitor to experience Nature in a unique way. The first work is a living organism, it evolves with the seasons and has grown and changed over the last ten years. It is conceptually an amoeba, a one-celled specimen reflecting the beginning of everything around us.

Steel is a natural material, he loves to work with it. It is very sustainable but also very flexible, If you know how to work with it, it is a very unique material which can be easily sculpted to create fantastic works.

"What I am really passionate about and what inspired me to become an Art in Nature artist, is that all my work can be found in public spaces in Nature, they are free for public viewing. Any visitor wandering into the forest can experience a combination of Art, Nature and Culture when visiting my work." - WB

"I think the closer we are to Nature, the more respect we have for everything around us. I remember that at the World Expo in 2012, we had a project in which thousands of children participated. The children had to write down a wish and leave it behind as a gift to Nature.

I will never forget that one boy from Hong Kong wrote: "I wish Hong Kong had a tree". That tells us how far children and even ourselves can sometimes be distanced from nature. A child can just be honest and say it out loud." - WB


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