Tree of Silence

Diepenbeek, BE,


Tree of Silence is an artwork made up of two elements, the first is an installation 4 meters high showing conceptually how a tree grows, using segments of trees, and linking them together. The second is a living tree which will in time engulf the specially designed metal circle through which it is growing.  

Both installations can be seen as one entity and are located in the forests surrounding Sint-Gerardus - a care and educational institution for children with physical and mental disabilities. The site specific artwork has been commissioned as a monument to commemorate the deceased children and staff of Sint-Gerardus which in 2018 celebrates 60 years of existence.  

In the first installation, within the metal framework, grows a conceptual form, a tree that is divided into many different elements. Each element, consists of a variety of tree trunks. Showing the diversity of nature. Man consists of very many different entities, a diversity in cultures, origin, nationalities.

However, we all connected to our one basic source, Nature.

The choice of a tree of silence connects us in many ways with each other and our environment. The installation invites the visitor to contemplate, it is a special space for private memories and for meeting others.