"The World Within"-

Sterksel, NL,


"The World Within" is a two-fold art concept.

The first is an artistic impression, an imprint in the landscape of an enormous EEG scan during an epileptic seizure. It reflects the cycle of our consciousness as an infinite process in our brains.

During his research, Will Beckers came into contact with the specialists at Kempenhaeghe, in Sterksel who work with MRI and EEG measurements.

By enlarging a single rhythm of an EEG scan a thousand times and creating tangible landscaping waves Will Beckers is connecting nature and man through art.

The second part of the project is a cortensteel sculpture, with an organic inner space.

A gentle slope in the landscape provides a friendly approach to the visual sculpture, which represents a small part of a brain lobe, enlarged to gigantic proportions.

The organic opening in the work represents a cross-section of a brainstem. You are invited to take a walk through the rolling landscape and finally arrive at the sculpture. You can literally visit and enter this work of art, an enlarged brain lobe.

The 'protective' interior space of the Artwork gives room for contemplation and reflection. The woven, natural inner wall represents the constant dynamic rhythm of our thoughts.

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