The Observer

Aalst, BE,


The artist is exploring the natural  cycles of growth and decay in this natural living installation - "The Observer". The artwork will constantly renew itself in time.

The Hill Park site has been completely redeveloped by the city of Aalst and the Regional Landscape Scheldt - Durme in collaboration with Beckers. The new design of the park made it possible for the artist to fully integrate the natural installation into the surrounding landscape.

When the visitor enters the work they are as it were embraced by nature. Beckers has chosen a specific view from within the artwork forcing the visitor to focus their vision on the newly developed natural pool and the surrounding landscape.

Will Beckers creates an interesting tension and dialogue by making the visitor an observer but at the same time the artwork observes the visitor.

The contrast between a transitory nature and the living trees planted into the artwork, make this project a good example of the

Cradle 2 Cradle principles in biodiversity.