Sonhador - Daydreamer

Quinta do Pisão, Cascais – Portugal

Sonhador - Daydreamer

“Sonhador” reflects the philosophy of a global circular economy, a Multisensory Art Installation.

The title of the work “Sonhador”, refers to a specific approach to see the link with Humans and Nature. It is the perpetual cyclic renewal of life and infinity, the concept of eternity and the perpetual return, and represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth between Men and Women. As soon as Nature creates any evolutionary process it is already working on a metamorphose towards another entity.

The conceptual approach of the natural Artwork creates a specific form of "experience" allowing visitors to enter into a 'dialogue' with the natural installation.

The installation is to be found in an accessible location next to the new to be develop blind trail in the Quinta do Pisao in Cascais.

Attributes such as openness, alienation and connection, mean that the work invites the visitor, as it were, to interact with the natural installation. Any visitor can sit inside the artwork and contemplate with the natural surroundings.

Special developments like the shapes of textures, the touch and smell will be part of the installation, because of the connection with the trail for blind people.

The artwork tells us about the connection between Nature and Human Nature, by remapping our common DNA imprints of crossing global borders and telling us about the history of the region.