Our Roots

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens,



This momumental sculpture in the heart of Jerusalem conceptually draws on the

Roots of our existence - Nature.

The project aims to bring the visitor back in connection with these roots and explores Beckers' ongoing fascination with the language of nature and its challenges.

“Our Roots” is an artwork representing a fossil specimen of a monumental root. The Root sculpture seems to have always been present in the Jerusalem Botanical gardens, creating a symbiosis with its environment.

In order to get underneath the surface of the structure, there is an an opening where the visitor can enter the Root. Inside an interacton between the visitor and the artwork takes place, creating a catalyst to confront the visitor with a deep rooted past.

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens is a unique place of refuge in the city. It is a place of rest, contemplation, exploration and discovery. It is visited by Israelis and Palestinians alike.

The 50 meter long root structure is made up of thousands of logs of eucalyptus trees, a tree indigenous to Israel. It is a living sculpture, planted with eucalyptus trees, in time these trees will grow and give new life to the artwork.

The Root sculpture was partly built with the co-operation of both Jews      and Muslims doing their community service - a truly inter-cultural effort.

It is part of the Discovery trail of the Botanical Gardens.