Natura - Naturans, in dialogue with philosopher Spinoza

Botanical Garden Meise, Brussels, BE


The permanent living art installation, Natura - Naturans, can be seen conceptually as an “experience” whereby the visitor becomes part of the natural installation.

Visible from the path near the entrance to the Botanical Gardens, with the glass palace in the background, is the large sculpture partly hidden and partly visible between the trees on the lawn.

This natural sculpture strategically placed in symbiosis with its natural surroundings made of living Salix, literally grows from the openness of the lawn towards the more overgrown area between the trees.

Thousands of woven willow branches grow organically from the lawn and sway like an organism into the densely overgrown trees.

The three tunnel-like forms all converge among the trees and at the heart of the installation, three distinct “research areas” are revealed. A cabinet of curiosities, where the diversity of nature plays the leading role.

In each “research area” there is a specific art work, which demonstrates the evolutionary process in an intrinsic manner.

The art works are inspired by "Natura Naturans" which comes from the Jewish philosopher Spinoza (17th century). He saw Nature as its own process:

"Nature's own process", constantly being reborn and continuing to exist, creating and recreating, a mystery of self-generation.

Literally: "What is born, is reborn."

Will Beckers enters into a dialogue with Spinoza by creating these unique “research areas” and highlighting the evolutionary process and its diversity.