On commission from the County council of Bree - Will Beckers has created a living natural installation -  “Memory”.

Conceptually it can be seen as a natural place of silence, a place to meditate, be calm and have a moment of silence to remember one's dearly departed. Here the visitor can be quiet, even sit and daydream awhile, and get lost in his or her own thoughts.  

“Memory” can be found in the cemetery in Bree. The  council wanted to create a special place in the cemetery where people could contemplate and remember in silence.

In this location the natural Artwork “Memory” is in perfect symbiosis with its surroundings and invites the visitor to enter into a dialogue with himself, with Nature and come to find peace.  

The concepts of transience,  new life forms, and the continuos cycle of life are present in the installation.


Bree, BE