The  exhibition " Inside Nature '

opened on 16 June 2016.

'Inside Nature' is an exhibition which tells us in an innovative and creative way the story about the life of nature.

It is an installation in which a natural world of experience is contained within an inner space. It shows the different facets of nature, the processes of growth, evolution and how Nature works with time, he shows this through different types of intrinsic installations, which together form one concept.  

Will Beckers created for this exhibition a number of sculptural works that are literally depicted in an open forest allowing visitors to walk through the various exhibits.

Conceptual growth processes are the basis of this installation and are used  as part of an educational platform.

By using different tree species and natural sculptures he shows us the level of diversity and growth within Nature, and tackles topics such as; old age, impermanence, photosynthesis, water needs, etc. within nature.

Inside Nature


Kattevennen, BE