In the Eye 

Forest theater

Hechtel-Eksel, BE


“In het Oog” - “In the Eye” is a natural forest theater created in the forests of Hechtel-Eksel.

“The underlying goal of the installation is to unite Nature and Man through Culture.” explains Beckers.

It is a living artwork that invites the visitor to interact with Nature by offering a unique creative platform.

A twisting forest path winds its way to the installation, which manifests itself as a circle that encloses a stage. Behind the stage is a large natural cocoon that serves as backstage, as a dressing room or as part of the decor.

The cocoon is based on the morphology of an eye. An enormous eye that seems to be watching the performers and the public. 

It is the intimate character of the theater, sheltered in the natural surroundings of the forest that gives the public possibilities to create, experiment and experience their own dialogue, with themselves, their friends or Nature.

The living theater will change in appearance with the seasons. More than 500 trees have been planted, in time growing into a monumental natural Landmark.