This natural installation is part of the Gothenburg green World Exhibition.

Located in the landscape park at Gunnebo Castle in Gothenburg Sweden, on a hill overlooking the park, Will Beckers has created an organic art installation that undulates over the grass slopes just like the meandering walking path up to the top of the hill. The movement starts on the ground, winds around the old oak's trunk and rears into the sky. Heaven and earth meet. In this way, the installation is a tribute to the centuries-old trees, which stand as living connecting links to history.

The gently rising “green” elements entice the visitor to study the sculpture better from close by and to experience it. They see when approaching that the growth forms merge into ascending tree shapes that “form” the sculpture, continue to grow into it and that a connection is established between the terrestrial and the celestial within the concept.

The title of the work “For Nature everything is a memory” refers to the perpetual cyclic renewal of life and infinity, the concept of eternity and the eternal return, and represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth. As soon as Nature creates any evolutionary process it is already working on a metamorphose towards another entity.

For Nature everything is  a memory

Gothenburg, SE