Beringen, BE,


DNA - "Migration is timeless, the universal DNA of Nature" - Will Beckers.

The monumental artwork, comissioned by the city of Beringen, consists of hundreds of metal steel sheets making up a tree sculpture that seems to be moving and at the same time is at one with Nature.

The "legs"of the walking tree are made of large trunks of trees which were due to be cut down and come from the very park that the artwork stands in. The trees have been recycled and given a new purpose.

In between the installation, the artist has planted trees which are weaved around the sculpture itself.  "Time"  will add its own specific dimension to the artwork as these trees grow and mould themselves around the installation.  

For environmental artist Will Beckers it is an obvious concept: people and trees are not all that different! "Migrating and travelling around the world is in the DNA of humans" says Will. "But trees travelled all around the world even before humans existed."

It is one of the basic principles of our evolutionary process. For millions of years, nature has itself been in motion.

Beringen, historically a mining city, is one of the smaller cities in Belgium with a very high level of integration of foreign families, people who have migrated there from elsewhere.