Genk, BE,


Corpus is a new monumental organic Art installation in the forests behind the Cosmodrome in Genk, comissioned by the Genk city council.

As an ' Art in Nature artist ', Beckers is always looking for an active experience of nature. He sees Nature as an entity, with its impermanence and in all its evolutionary processes.

These processes are for him expressed in layers, each process   is incorporated in its own intrinsic way. Nature surrounds us like a body, a space, a comfort zone.

The installation "CORPUS", consists of such a space, a body which, as it were, has given itself a visible a new layer of skin.

"CORPUS", consists of a plurality of elementary parts, and is a space-creating sculpture that connects all the individual parts and forms one monumental entity.

Between the individual metal elements grow a multiple of green trees. These plants move visibly between and over the metal elements and will, in time form a natural green room.

Inside and around the artwork there are cortensteel tables, specifically designed by the artist, which give the visitor the possibility to have a picnic and interact with the artwork at first hand.