Lommel, BE,


"Bevlindert" is a new Landmark in Lommel, commissioned by the Art association Stichting Charlotte van der Seijs and the city of Lommel.

The sculpture depicts a transition from the previous life to the emergence of a new phase.

Will Beckers "That became my quest and inspiration. The enormous cocoon, with its rhythmic sculptural lines, shows us the transient part of a unique life form. The shape and color of the CorTen steel, which will become very soft brown within a short time, represents that transitory phase.

The butterfly which is poised to  fly away, shows us its delicate beauty with its soft blue colours. Elegant and full of certainty, it seeks its way in the open world."

A magestic butterfly grows from the cocoon. The metamorphosis in the growth process is evident by a print, a final imprint of the butterfly wings in the cocoon itself.

The Art work is mainly in CorTen steel with a dimension of 9 meters long and 4 meters wide, the total weight is more than 5000kg. The butterfly wings are finished with an enamel in brilliant shades of blue.

Photographs courtesy of;

Monique Abrahams and Robert Boons.