Attraversare l’anima

Arte Sella, Italy


The natural artwork - “Attraversare l’anima” - “Through the soul” ( crossing over) symbolises the way we cross life into eternity, expanding ourselves and being open to the possibility of returning to Mother Nature in one form or other.

The natural cycles of birth, metamorphose, death and rebirth are themes that Will Beckers explores in his work. After being born we slowly grow and evolve into the person we want to be, at some point we all experience the greatness of life and open ourselves on a higher level to the universe. We make ourselves free to cross over – “attraversare”.

The living sculpture is part of the Arte Natura route on the Contemporary Mountain, Arte Sella.  

Arte Sella is an international outdoor exhibition of contemporary art set up in 1986 in the fields and woods of the Sella Valley (Val di Sella, municipality of Borgo Valsugana, province of Trento, Italy).