Will Beckers is an environmental artist whose passion is to follow the evolutionary process of plants and natural forms. His artistic work underwent its own evolution from sculptures with clay and bronze to develop into Land Art, specifically Environmental Art. The process of awareness originated to investigate biodiversity and biomimicry in nature.

Beckers specializes in creating site specific natural installations that explore our relationship with the natural world. Much of his site-specific installations and art are to be found in public spaces.

His natural installation work invites the public to interact and experience the artwork, involving the visitor and thus inspiring a reaction.

Beckers’ environmental artwork often takes the form of a

bio- sculpture, or a growing organism that stimulate us to challenge the relationship between individuals and our environment, he is confronting Nature with her own materials.

“I am a part-time artist, the other part of the time Nature does the work.” he says. 

His work uses natural materials in simple measured gestures, in direct contact with nature, forming a dialogue with the landscape. He uses natural elements without rhetoric, to take possession of a location.

A sustainable way of life and improved living conditions on earth, can be assured with the reconciliation of mankind and the forging of a harmonious relationship between man and nature. As an architect of nature Will Beckers is working towards that goal.

New forms of living can be achieved by solidarity between ourselves, and a sense of working in a community, in this way sustainable forms of life can evolve and new environmental technologies can become powerful tools to achieve this end. Working with natural materials in a positive, interactive, cooperative, and diverse way is the first step to making this a reality.