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Aard, Wichelen, BE


The natural artwork “Voyager” stands at a crossroads to the river Scheldt in the centre of a square. The square is in a symbolic location on the banks of the river Scheldt just at a ferry crossing point. The councils of Wichelen, Wetteren, Berlare and Laarne commissioned this natural Landmark to be placed at this location to commemorate the finissage of the Beeldenstroom project and in cooperation with the Sigmaplan.

The square is the gateway to the Kalkense Lakes, and a crossroads for people who travel across the river Scheldt. This diversity of travelers symbolizes the diversity of nature depicting man as the central point.

The organic 'Heart' creates the center of the departing man. The branches of the heart form botanical / animalistic shackles which symbolically direct the travelers on their way to their ultimate destination.

Artist Will Beckers : "Voyager ( Reiziger ) is a silent tribute to the ancient innate habit of man’s desire to travel."

“Voyager” is a hanging sculpture made up of hundreds of metal plates all sculpted in the form of a heart. The diversity of all the travelers passing this natural Landmark, is reflected in the diversity of the branches of the heart, which are made up of many different types of trees.

Will Beckers: Trees and People, both for centuries searching for the right environment are thus united in a natural sculpture.”

Photos courtesy Sculpturales

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